Tio Crazy

Welcome back! So, what’s been happening in the world of Cochabamba, Bolivia, since the last post you’re asking? Let me tell you!! This week we went and helped paint the inside of the houses at Ciudadela SEDEGES with the kids, which was fun and messy. Poor Chris ended up being called Tio Loco (translation – Uncle Crazy) by the kids mainly due to his lack of Spanish and his inclination to just speak in English to all the kids, and of course his spontaneous dancing and singing probably had something to do with it as well.

L-R: Kelly, Chris, Tessa and Stacey after painting at Ciudadela SEDEGES

We also went and visited CEA San Jose, the Alternative Education Centre we recently started working with at the start of the year. We saw Hogar Nidito, the childcare centre that we have funded there, which is about halfway finished. The bathroom and kitchen area still need some work and there is still some furniture that needs to be bought, but overall it’s looking quite good. The students have already been bringing their children there whilst they go to class, and we employed a woman to work there for the final couple of months of the year to care for the kids. We have been debating whether to continue the project however, because the children that are going to be in the childcare are all under 18 months old. We are worried about this young age and the potential risks that come with it. We had originally been under the impression that the children were older, so we are considering our options now. Even though the students had finished classes the week before, we were able to meet one of the young single mothers and her 1-year-old baby who has been attending Hogar Nidito. She is 17 years old and is one year off from graduating San Jose with her high school certificate.

A student from San Jose Alternative Education Centre with her baby boy who attends Hogar Nidito

The following day we went to the graduation ceremony for 48 students from San Jose. It was so inspiring to see young people who have faced such hardships in their lives receiving their graduation certificate and fighting so hard to make better lives for themselves.

Graduation Ceremony for San Jose class of 2011

It really is humbling to be able to witness young people who have beat all odds and have succeeded in moving forward in life and making their dreams a reality. Through TIA we have been able to offer some support to these amazing young people to reach their full potential. We know that these young people will go on to make incredible contributions to this world and it is truly a gift to be a part of the journey. We thank everyone who is reading this for being a part of that. You are the ones who make this possible.

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