Valentia Transition Centre

Valentia Transition Centre

The Transition Centre is TIA’s newest development project that will function as a support centre for young Bolivian adults of 18 and above who have grown up in orphanages within Cochabamba, Bolivia.

This project will not only provide the necessary support for these young adults to become empowered and independent in their future role in society; it also will provide forms of support that will open up further study opportunities, allow them to enter and thrive in a work environment and have the self-esteem and confidence to take responsibility of their own life direction; breaking the cycle of dependence and creating a new way forward.

The project will be composed of the following components:

- Life and work skills training
- A Transitional Residence
- Educational Scholarships and tuition
- Mentoring Program
- Job Creation and career counselling
- Income Generating Business to sustain the project
- Preparatory workshops for the young people before they leave the orphanages

Why it is important?

Almost 4000 children live in orphanages in Cochabamba, without much hope of a future full of opportunities and success once they leave. TIA’s newest vision is to give hope to these children leaving Ciudadela SEDEGES and other orphanages in Cochabamba.

Upon turning 18 years old, these young adults have reached the maximum age for living in a children’s home and it is a time of doubt and stress. From an early age they have grown completely dependent on their orphanage, with no real life skills or tools to lead successful lives outside the home. They often do not have a clear life plan or the financial resources to support themselves and enable them to pursue higher studies, resulting in many of these young people returning to the lifestyle that they were removed from when they were first institutionalised.

There are very few orphanages in Cochabamba that have a preparatory program for high school graduates and/or have a later stage program for young people aged between 16 and 18. As a result, it is often the case that any positive progress made whilst these children are in the orphanages is then lost when they leave. With this project, we are providing a real opportunity for these young people to take control of their lives and become the amazing people we know they have the potential to be.