CEA San Jose

CEA San Jose

Hogar Nidito Child Care

There had been an increase in the rates of single mothers or cohabiting teenage mothers attending CEA and bringing their children to class. This was causing both the neglect of the children and interference with classes, disrupting both the mothers learning as well as the class as a whole.

Therefore TIA, in collaboration with the staff and students at CEA, developed Proyecto Hogar Nidito as a solution to this problem. We created a child care centre within CEA to care for the children of students (approximately 5-10) attending classes at CEA to provide both a better and less disruptive learning environment for the students, and a more stimulating and nurturing environment for the children.


Microfinance Projects

The young people at San Jose are full of enthusiasm and a desire to learn and reach their full potential. At San Jose they believe in a holistic approach to education, teaching lots of different technical skills and life skills as well as mainstream education. Through discussions with the students and staff at San Jose, TIA have agreed to support a couple of microfinance projects which will give opportunities to the students to learn how to operate a business and learn skills that will be applicable when they finish school, as well as bringing in ongoing funds to finance the child care centre that we set up at San Jose in 2011. Currently they are looking into setting up financially viable businesses such as a hair and beauty salon (there are none in the area) and a bakery. We are going to be working on these ideas throughout 2012.