New Arrival

The following week something very exciting happened…and no, it wasn’t that Stacey left (although she did). We had purchased a Braille Printer for the Blind Rehabilitation Centre in November 2010 and had it shipped from the US, and it had been detained in customs for an entire year due to us refusing to pay the obscene amount of money they were asking us to pay in taxes and duties ($1,500 USD to be precise). There is a law in Bolivia that states that if there is something sent to Bolivia with the intention of being used by people with a disability, that the taxes and duties must be waived. So after one whole year and a lot of letters and meetings and discussions with lawyers and arguing with the officials in customs and in the Government, and with a letter that I had gotten from the Bolivian Consulate in Australia, they FINALLY released the printer to us!! It arrived in one piece with no damage (thankfully!), and we ended up only having to pay $140. We literally kissed and hugged it when we opened the box…it was an exciting day!

Opening the Braille Printer box....exciting!!!

L-R: Nico, Jimena, Tessa, the BRAILLE PRINTER, Kelly and Chris

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