United together! TIA projects will continue with the Kallpa Foundation

United together! TIA projects will continue with the Kallpa Foundation

We are very happy to be able to announce that TIA and Kallpa Foundation – Project ‘Dignified Work’, are uniting together. Over the last few years, we have collaborated closely. A wonderful friendship was formed between the two organisations and our teams.


Now we want to share with you all, our followers, young people, partners, and friends, that after a lot of work, we have a signed agreement between TIA and Kallpa Foundation, officially transferring our projects to Kallpa Foundation to continue under their umbrella. Due to the global pandemic and the minute detail that an agreement of this nature requires, it took us longer than planned to reach this point. But we are very happy to finally announce that these are TIA’s projects that will continue with Kallpa Foundation:


  • Referential Support: Kallpa Foundation will provide support and guidance to any young person who has been part of TIA in regards to employment, education, well-being and health issues.

  • Youth Network “Dejando Huellas”: This network has been promoted and managed by TIA since 2017 to offer a space to young people transitioning to progressive independence where they can be protagonists and be listened to, with a support network of peers to have by their side. Kallpa Foundation will take over the coordination of this network, providing support, continuity and guidance for its activities and developing its members so it can continue to grow and achieve its objectives.

  • Esta red ha sido un proyecto impulsado y manejado por Fundación TIA desde 2017 para ofrecer un espacio a los/as jóvenes en proceso de transición a una autonomía progresiva donde pueden ser protagonistas, ser escuchados, y contar con una red de apoyo entre pares. Fundación Kallpa se encargará de la coordinación y manejo de la Red, y la brindará un techo institucional, acompañando y asesorando sus actividades y formando a sus miembros, para que pueda crecer y alcanzar sus objetivos.

  • Workshop Program: The Workshop Program has been one of the main projects of TIA since 2014, being offered as a free service to prepare teens for leaving care in Cochabamba. Kallpa Foundation will ensure the continuity of these workshops for the care homes that were already receiving the program, and will run workshops on employment-related matters for all interested centres.

  • Training for volunteers: The Kallpa Foundation will carry out training on employment-related issues and the management of TIA volunteers on issues about transitioning into independence for people facing vulnerability. Kallpa Foundation will also offer virtual training to volunteers during lockdown.

  • RIBAAJEP (Bolivian Inter-Institutional Network for the Support of Adolescents and Young Care Leavers): Kallpa Foundation will ensure the continuity of this Network, which was an initiative of TIA, being a member of the board and participating in the activities of the Network, thus promoting its growth as needed.

  • Research called “Processes of Transition to Autonomy for young care leavers in the Cities of La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz”: This research was developed and coordinated by TIA, so the Kallpa Foundation is going to replace TIA in coordinating the research, being the focal point of communication and coordination between the Behavioral Sciences Research Institute (IICC) of the Bolivian Catholic University, and the RIBAAJEP Network, to complete the research and disseminate its results.

  • Young Care Leavers Law: This project is a project that TIA has designed to carry out in collaboration with RIBAAJEP and with the Youth Network “Dejando Huellas”. Kallpa Foundation will promote the project, coordinating with RIBAAJEP and Dejando Huellas, towards the enactment of a ‘Law to accompany young care leavings to a progressive autonomy’, be it at the national or state level.


In addition, another fantastic announcement is that Patricia Fernandez, the Coordinator of the Workshop Program at TIA, who has been part of the TIA team in Bolivia since 2015, has been hired at the Kallpa Foundation to carry out these projects and ensure they continue!


Many thanks to Fundación Kallpa – Proyecto Trabajo Digno for their friendship and openness in supporting us in this way and ensuring that the important work of TIA will be able to continue.


For any questions about this news or the projects mentioned, you can contact Patricia Fernandez: fernandezpatricia008@gmail.com

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