ValenTIA Transition Project

ValenTIA Transition Project

Why is it important?

In Cochabamba alone, approximately 5000 children live in orphanages, without much hope of a future of opportunities or success.

TIA’s mission is to give hope to and create real opportunities for these young people.

Upon turning 18 years old, these young adults must leave the institution – a time of great doubt and stress. From an early age they have been dependent on their orphanage, with no real life skills to help them succeed once they leave. With no social security or any assistance, many will return to the life they were facing before becoming institutionalised – involving crime, drugs and living on the streets.

Our ValenTIA Transition Program provides an opportunity for these young people to take control of their lives and realise their full potential!


Project description

Our project takes a holistic approach to breaking the cycle of dependence by empowering young people in State care. We provide essential life skills and access to opportunities.

There are two aspects to the program:

1) We deliver skill building preparatory workshops whilst the young people are still in the orphanages. These provide skills and knowledge in life and work skills, including health, career building, sexuality and relationships, and nutrition among others.

2) Our transition centre is a support centre for these young people where they can seek advice and counselling, and for some, we provide a residence while they establish their lives.

We work with these young people to enable them to create brighter futures for themselves by focusing on: opening up further study opportunities; allowing them to enter and thrive in a work environment; and building their self-esteem, and confidence to take responsibility of their own life direction.

Check out our ‘Donate’ section if you or your organisation is interested in supporting this project with a donation, or would like to become a Sponsor. Contact our Executive Director at for more information about the project and how you can help.