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Tania Runs for Brighter Futures!

Tania Llanes, a passionate TIA supporter, started her own campaign to help us in our #INSPIRECHANCES campaign to reach our goal in raising $10,000 for our ValenTIA Transition Centre. She ran a 42.2 km marathon on the 24th of May 2015 and raised $1155 (over her original target of $750!).

TaniaLlanesCampaignTania’s story:

Running came into my life about 2 years ago, when my issues with anxiety and depression were again taking over my life. Since I started I haven’t stopped running, it has been the most positive life changing experience of my life. Running gives me the chance to concentrate all my anxiety in something positive, clears my mind and gives me the opportunity to see life in a completely different way; purposeful and meaningful.

I decided to run a marathon because I felt that some of the things that were happening in my life were shaking the emotional stability that I had archieved and I panicked. I had to do something! So I decided that 4 months of intense training to run 42.2 kms was the best idea. The marathon was held in Barossa Valley on the 24th of May. I was super excited and also very scared; it was a really big challenge for me.

Some of my close amazing friends have been working very hard as volunTIAs. I love the mission of TIA because it’s helping this world in a way I believe it is meant to be done; one person at a time. Providing love and support to real people one by one! It’s so incredibly beautiful!

My friends are working really hard and dedicating their free time to make a difference in this world. TIA is still a small organization that needs our support to become a strong opportunity provider for many children in Bolivia and maybe one day all of South America. I admire my friends so much for their beautiful work and for the dedication and generosity that they demonstrate with their efforts. Because of this I dedicated my 42.2km marathon run and the hard work towards accomplishing it to this to this wonderful charity.

Join me and other past supporters and help fundraise for brighter futures! Love to you all.