Merry ChrisTIAmas!

Feliz Navidad!


Hello to everyone who has been with TIA on our journey this year. It has been a big year for TIA, which you will already know if you have been following our updates.

We expanded our workshop program to reach over 150 teenagers in 15 different care homes. We delivered training to over 60 staff from different care homes so that they can replicate our independence preparation program with the teenagers under their care. We strengthened the Young Care Leavers Network which is now starting to take form and develop young leaders. We signed an agreement with a national Bolivian university to conduct a national research project to identify the gaps in support for young people leaving care across Bolivia. And next year is proving to be an even bigger year!

We have also been extremely fortunate to receive funding from Rotary Norwood and the MariaMarina Foundation. We have also recently been selected to receive funding next year from DFAT as part of their Direct Aid Program through the Australian Embassy in Peru. And one of the most exciting achievements, after a very long wait, has been achieving Deductible Gift Recipient endorsement through DFAT and the ATO, which means that we are able to provide tax deductible reciepts to our amazing and generous donors.

We hope that you will continue to support TIA into the new year. Our young people are always so amazed that people from all over the world care about their wellbeing and support them without even meeting them. I always tell them that they shouldn’t be surprised, because they prove to us day in day out that they are so deserving of your support, beating the odds over and over again and achieving their goals.

So from us at TIA, we wish you all a wonderful festive season, and thank you from the bottom of our heart for continuing to support our work and our young people. Let’s keep making their Christmas’ worth celebrating.


Felices Fiestas,



We raise funds in Australia by running events (like our ‘Day the Dead Quiz Night’), and campaigns (such as Finn’s haircut, which raised over $3,000).
And we depend very much on regular and one-off donations from our supporters – you!  Regular monthly donations are invaluable, as they support our ongoing activities. One-off donations are also very welcome. Here are some outcomes from donations:
  • $25 funds preparation workshops for a teenager for a year
  • $80 funds workshops and one on one support for each teenager striving to live independently
  • $100 will fund 3 support staff to be trained by us in preparing their teenagers for leaving state care
  • $125 will fund one month in our residency program for each teenager leaving state care
  • $150 will fund education materials for a year for each teenager
If you would like to support TIA as part of your Christmas, please head on to our Donations page.  Donations can be made directly to our bank account and are tax deductible. Donations can also be made through our PayPal account. 
Thank you once again for your support, and Feliz Navidad.

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Thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately, TIA has suspended our operations in Bolivia and Australia until further notice. You can read more about this decision here Please feel free to take a look at our website which showcases everything TIA achieved since it was founded in 2009. If you are a young person in Bolivia in need of support, please contact us at or +59160349558 (Whatsapp) and we will link you with another appropriate organisation.