TIA Bolivia


_SCZ0757 Tessa Henwood-Mitchell – Founder & International Director

Tessa has completed a double degree in Social Work and International Studies, with an associate degree in Languages and Culture Studies (Majoring in Spanish) at the University of South  Australia. She has always been passionate about equality and human rights, especially the rights of children. She volunteered in South Africa and Kenya in 2006, and then worked as a volunteer  through Projects Abroad at the orphanage Ciudadela SEDEGES in Cochabamba, Bolivia for 4 months in 2008. This experience drove Tessa to do something more to improve the lives of the  children she got to know and love, hence Tia International Aid was born! She is now residing in Bolivia working together with our amazing TIA Bolivia family to grow our projects.


_SCZ0761 Isela Naira Velasquez ValenTIA Project Coordinator 

Isela is one of our dedicated employees in the Bolivia Team. She is registered psychologist, has an extensive background in the non-profit sector. Since coming on board in May 2014, she  has  proved herself to be an absolute powerhouse, making things happen that we never imagined possible and being an integral part of the ValenTIA program, bringing positivity, enthusiasm and a  true commitment to her work.



_SCZ0772Patricia Fernandez – Workshop Facilitator 

Patricia is the other new recruit to the TIA Bolivia team. She is in charge of running our workshop programs within a number of orphanages in Cochabamba with adolescents aged 14-17, and is working on putting together a program to train volunteers to facilitate the workshops so we can reach a greater number of centres and adolescents. Another psychologist by profession, she’s very enthusiastic, energetic and always coming up with bright new ideas of ways to do things.




Daniela Viljoen Tadic – President of the TIA Bolivia Board

Daniela has been involved in TIA in Bolivia from the very beginning. She was the Director of Projects Abroad in Bolivia when Tessa was there for the first time in 2008 as a volunteer on one of their projects. Since then Daniela has been a constant support for Tessa and all of TIA’s work, and she has always offered her assistance and guidance to the TIA team. Her many years working for Projects Abroad in the social sector in Cochabamba gives her a level of knowledge and understanding that is invaluable to TIA and our work. She is now on our team as the President of the Board. Daniela grew up in the United States and moved to Bolivia with her family in her late teens. She now works at the public university in Cochabamba as the head of the Interaction Centre for Linguistics, and works as a freelance translator in her spare time.



 Fernando Zenzano – Legal Advisor

Originally working to help establish TIA legally as an organisation in Bolivia, Fernando then expressed an interest in the work that we do and  wanting to help his people in a more substantial way.  He joined our team in December 2011 and has played a valuable role in providing his  skills and knowledge in both the legal areas but also in business development and project management. As  the only male on the Bolivian team,  he provides a fresh and different perspective and keeps us on track at meetings!