Our Story

Our Story

TIA began in 2009 when 21-year-old Tessa Henwood-Mitchell, an Australian university student, volunteered in a Bolivian state-run children’s home. Witnessing the lack of opportunities available to children and young people in these institutions, Tessa decided to found a non-profit organisation in Australia that would help.

Since that time TIA has grown into a dynamic and innovative non-profit organization that is focused on empowering youth – especially young people in Bolivia who are leaving state care institutions. These young people must leave care upon turning 18, and with no state-provided support, they face uncertain and dangerous futures. TIA aims to provide education in life skills and support to these young people prior to, and after leaving their institution.

TIA is supported by volunteer-led organization TIA Australia Inc., which raises funds, and our local Bolivian Foundation – TIA Bolivia, run by a dedicated and professional team in Cochabamba, Bolivia, which delivers the programmes.

In 2020 the decision was made for both TIA Australia Inc. and Foundation TIA Bolivia to suspend their operations indefinitely due to unforeseen and uncertain circumstances, a decision which is explained by our founder here.

Thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately, TIA has suspended our operations in Bolivia and Australia until further notice. You can read more about this decision here http://tia.org.au/e/current-situation/. Please feel free to take a look at our website which showcases everything TIA achieved since it was founded in 2009. If you are a young person in Bolivia in need of support, please contact us at valentia@tia.org.au or +59160349558 (Whatsapp) and we will link you with another appropriate organisation.