Bolivia Team

Jimena Ramos Morales – In-Country Director

Jimena is our In-Country Director in Bolivia. Jimena was born in Cochabamba Bolivia and knows the community very well. The most valuable and important thing in her life is her family. They have had to face various adversities that occurred throughout their lives, and they have gotten through these tough times by sticking together. Through working in her profession as a nurse, she has witnessed children suffering everyday due to all the inequalities that exist in Bolivian society. She says the only thing she can do is what she has always learned: helping others to the best of her capabilities. That is why she came on board with TIA, because the main objective of TIA’s work is to empower children and help them improve from their own environment, so we can improve the quality of life not only for the children but for society. Since February 2011, Jimena has been working (incredibly hard) as TIA’s main representative and in-country liaison, monitoring and developing our projects, administering funds, and researching new project opportunities. So far we have been blown away by her level of commitment and initiative – we’ve very lucky to have her and look forward to developing TIA further in Bolivia with Jimena as our driving force!


Daniela Viljoen Tadic – Secretary

Daniela has been involved in TIA in Bolivia from the very beginning. She was the Director of Projects Abroad in Bolivia when Tessa was there for the first time in 2008 as a volunteer on one of their projects. Since then Daniela has been a constant support for Tessa and all of TIA’s work, and she has always offered her assistance and guidance to the TIA team. Her many years working for Projects Abroad in the social sector in Cochabamba gives her a level of knowledge and understanding that is invaluable to TIA and our work. She is now on our team as the Secretary and Translator. Daniela grew up in the United States and moved to Bolivia with her family in her late teens. She is now currently starting up a business with her family.



Maribel Rocabado – Research and Program Coordinator

Maribel came onto the TIA team in December 2011, and has since become the second paid staff member on the Bolivia team. She has had extensive experience working with disadvantaged children and young people in various settings, including a number of orphanages and children’s homes. She studied Social Pedagogy, which is concerned with the theory and practice of holistic education and care, focussing on education being a shared responsibility of society. Her studies and years of experience working with children and young people makes her ideal to take on the role of research and program coordinator, developing TIA’s programs with young people based on participatory research techniques.



Fernando Zenzano – Legal Advisor

Originally working to help establish TIA legally as an organisation in Bolivia, Fernando then expressed an interest in the work that we do and wanting to help his people in a more substantial way. He joined our team in December 2011 and has played a valuable role in providing his skills and knowledge in both the legal areas but also in business development and project management. As the only male on the Bolivian team, he provides a fresh and different perspective and keeps us on track at meetings!




Ana Silvia Ramos Morales – Program Advisor

Ana Silvia is Jimena’s sister, and she has also known Tessa and TIA since the very beginning as she works at Projects Abroad and met Tessa when she was a volunteer with Projects Abroad in 2008. Ana Silvia also volunteers at a children’s home in a town outside of Cochabamba called Arani, where she teaches English to the children there once a week. She has a real passion for social justice and values the importance of education. She, like her sister, wants to help her people and do all she can to make a difference to the Bolivian community.