Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives

Our Vision:

A global community, free from poverty and inequality, where all children are able to reach their full potential and have the freedom to make choices for themselves.


We endeavour to work together with children and young people in Bolivia living in poverty and facing disadvantage, to empower them and make sustainable change to their lives and communities, with the end goal of enabling them to reach their full potential through long-term development projects.

Our Objectives:

- Provide and/or support training, services and materials for institutions that are working to improve the well-being of disadvantaged children globally;

- Improve the situations and alleviate the poverty to which the children are initially subject;

- Increase and improve the opportunities in order for these children and young people to reach their full potential;

- Encourage the wider community to be aware of the difficulties faced by the children living in situations of disadvantage and poverty in the areas where our work is based;

- Focus on development and sustainability as the key elements to successful aid